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1881: Louis Lumière has just developed the famous gelatine silver bromide dry plate process that later becomes universally known as the “blue label” plates. Keen to exploit the discovery on an industrial scale, Antoine, the father, rents a plot of land of half a hectare on the outskirts of Lyon, in Monplaisir, at 25 rue Saint-Victor (today rue du Premier-Film). His project is to build a factory there, outside the control of the urban area and its taxes imposed on coal, glass and chemical products. The workshops gradually spring up along the cours Albert Thomas. In 1896, the two Lumière brothers have a vast twin house built. The house no longer exists today but is visible on this aerial photograph from 1920, to the right of the ‘château’ that Antoine has built in 1899.
This Villa Lumière is the only one that remains on the former site, along with le Hangar,
the set of the first film entitled Sortie d’usine.


The site including the Villa Lumière and the factories – Aerial view (1920)


The Lumière villa


"Hangar du Premier-Film"


The filmmakers wall


The garden


The Lumière villa is the last surviving evidence in Lyon of the tremendous industrial success of Antoine Lumière [...]



In 1882,  production of instantaneous photographic plates developed by Louis Lumière is the main activity [...]




The rue du Premier-Film is a lot less wide and long than Hollywood Boulevard and its Walk of Fame in Los Angeles [...]




When the Villa Lumière was restored, a 7.000 square meter garden was created. A true haven of peace in the city [...]


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